Mervyn is an Independent Certified Level 3 Golf Coach with over 19 years of professional golf coaching experience.  He has worked and trained with some of the top golf coaches in the Uk and Ireland.  He has played professionally on tour competing on the Celtic Pro Tour and the Emerald Pro Tour in Ireland.
He has experience of coaching using the Explanar Golf Training
System and the V1 Video Analysis for Golf Coaching Software.
Below are some of the advanced training programmes he has completed to date.

1. Body Type Analysis for successful Golf Coaching.
2. Advanced Golf Practice Drills.
3. Video Analysis for Golf Coaching.
4. Full swing Biomechanics Golf seminar with Dr Paul Hurrion PGA Tour coach.
5. Explanar Golf Training at Collingtree Park Golf Club with PGA professional Luther Blacklock’s Team.
6. Diploma in Kinesiology.
7. Diploma in Sports Psychology.               8. Child Protection in Sport and Physical Activity NSPCC.

" Mc Master Golf a leader in the field of Golf Instuction”

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